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Tom Malone Memorial Scholarship Fund



The Tom Malone Memorial Scholarship (TMMS) and missionary aid is established in memory of Pastor Tom Malone who passed away in 2010. Pastor Malone was a devout Christian who loved and served Jesus Christ, and desired for others to know Him personally as well. Tom was very compassionate and caring, especially to the lonely seafarers. Pastor Malone established Lifeline to Seamen (LTS) Ministry in 1985, to deliver the Gospel to the needy seafarers from all over the world to Houston. He is someone blessed by God, Pastor Malone’s last wishes were to likewise be an ongoing blessing to others in financial need.

The TMMS and missionary aid have been offered under the Tom Malone Memorial Scholarship Fund: Seminarian Scholarship and Missionary Aid — awarded to full-time seminarian students studying at a recognized Christian Seminary or to missionary. Lifeline to Seamen, Inc. will manage and administer the TMMS and missionary aid program. Details for the next round of scholarship awards are given below; the application form and instructions for application are available online at


The following is a list of guidelines for the distribution of the fund:


1.      The name of the fund is called, “Tom Malone Memorial Scholarship Fund”.

2.      The funding period will be 10 years. However, due to continuing funding, the sponsor(s) may make additional deposits during or after 10 years. Each year the sponsor(s) will deposit a minimum of 12,000 US dollars to the fund.

3.      There will be a maximum of three (3) recipients receiving 4,000 US dollars each per year, of which both or all will be for missionary and seminary students recognized by the LTS Scholarship sub-committee.

4.      The recipients may be high school graduates already admitted into theological school and seminary students and missionary as identified by Lifeline to Seamen, Inc.

5.      The LTS may revise this guideline with suggestions from its Scholarship sub-committee.

Tom Malone Memorial Scholarship Fund





This Seminarian Scholarship and Missionary Aid is set up in loving memory of Tom Malone by the Board Members of Lifeline to Seamen, Inc (LTS). Pastor Malone was blessed by God with a loving Christian Board of LTS, a non-profit organization in the Christian field. Even before Pastor Malone started LTS, his interaction with Christian churches and missionaries had given him high regard for those in ministries, especially port missionaries. The Board Members of LTS set up this scholarship and missionary aid to support the ministry preparation of future Christian leaders and to encourage the training of leaders with a vision to minister the Gospel to seafarer visitors. The Seminarian Scholarship and Missionary Aid is administered by the Lifeline to Seamen Scholarship sub-committee and will be awarded based on both need and merit. Three of the LTS Board Members need to take part in the Scholarship sub-committee.




Three (3) non-transferable scholarships or aid of $4,000 will be awarded. Award recipient will receive from LTS a check for $4,000 before the start of the fall semester, payable to the recipient or the Bible college/seminary he/she is attending. The name of the award recipient will be announced through the local news media and the LTS website at by the first week of August. The scholarship and missionary aid is renewable with re-submission of application each year.




Applicants shall meet all of the following qualifications:

·        Be a born-again Christian with a clear calling into vocational ministry.

·        Be a full-time student already enrolled or will be enrolling in an evangelical Bible college or seminary.

·        Demonstrates a burden and vision to minister to the people.




The scholarships will be awarded based on the following priorities:

·        Personal character & calling.

·        Agreement to visit the ships once a month in a year.

·        Personal ministry goals & potential for effective ministry.

·        Financial need.




The applicant shall submit all of the following:

A. Applicant’s basic information form

B. Applicant’s personal statements of the following:

1.     Applicant’s salvation testimony (describe how the applicant became a Christian and current spiritual walk with God.)

2.     Applicant’s calling to vocational Christian ministry (describe the applicant’s calling to seminary study & vocational ministry.)

3.     Applicant’s ministry objective and aspiration (describe the applicant’s ministry goal and future ministry plan.)

4.     A brief description of the applicant’s spiritual gifts and current ministry involvement,

5.     A brief description of the applicant’s financial needs.

C. A copy of the applicant’s transcript from his/her most recent school year record (for second-year seminary students and above, please provide a copy of the applicant’s seminary transcript).

D. Two letters of reference (one from the applicant’s local church where the applicant is attending, and the other from a school teacher).

(A personal phone interview may be requested as part of the application procedure.)



Completed applications must be submitted by March 1st of each year.

Please submit the completed application to:


Lifeline to Seamen, Inc.

Tom Malone Memorial Scholarship

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